Hamlet Pre-Reading Packet (Due 10/26)

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (The entire play including extra resources)

Hamlet Act I Packet

Hamlet Act II Packet

Hamlet Act III Packet

Hamlet Act IV & V

R & G are Dead Packet


Helpful Resources

Hamlet for the Shakespeare Impaired (For when your wit’s diseased.)

Stick-Figure Hamlet (Visual Resource)

SparkNotes Video Notes

CliffsNotes Video Notes

CliffsNotes Character Analyses

CliffsNotes Hamlet Act I scene i to Act III scene iii

CliffsNotes Hamlet Act III scene iv through Act V scene ii

The Great River Shakespeare Festival — Kids Explain Hamlet

Crash Course in Literature Part 1

Crash Course in Literature Part 2

Act I Summary Music Video

Act II Summary Music Video

Act III Summary Music Video

Act IV Summary Music Video

Act V Summary

Hamlet – The Animated Summary

Wordplay in Hamlet (Puns and Paradoxes)

Fun Extras

Poison (Works Every Time)

University of Wittenberg Commercial

Mean Tweets–Shakespeare Edition

Hamlet as a Pun