Homework 3/27

English 10:   Final papers are due by 11:59 pm on Thursday, March 29th in the Shared Google folder.

Notes for the five sources, the rough Works Cited page, the tower diagram, and a rough draft, if not completed yet, must be completed prior to turning in the final draft. Students who did not complete a peer review must talk with Ms. P during achievement hour or lunch. Students should create a Google Folder titled with their last name, their first initial, and “English 10.” (Ms. P’s would look like: Pierog P English 10). Students should share this folder with Ms. P (ppierog@ioniaschools.org). Students need to click “Advanced” and uncheck the “Notify” box when sharing this folder. From now on, all Research Paper documents should be kept in this folder.

**Students will meet with Miss P one-on-one through the remainder of the research paper.

APE: Students who missed any of the assessments last week must make them up before spring break. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure you type out all three essays by the end of Spring Break.

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