Classwork 3/23

Peer Edit

  1. Share your document with your partner(s).
  2. Switch to “suggesting” mode.
  3. Is the essay 3 pages long? Comment at the end of their paper.
  4. Do they have a paragraph for each point in their thesis? Comment per paragraph.
  5. Highlight any use of “I” “you” “we” “us” “our” “me” “my” in red.
  6. Highlight the thesis in yellow.
  7. Highlight all quotes in blue.
  8. Highlight all paraphrases/summaries in purple.
  9. Is the paper in Times New Roman? Comment on the title.
  10. Size 12? Comment on the title.
  11. Do they have page numbers?
  12. Do they have the correct header? (Name, Ms. P, class, date)?
  13. Eliminate spaces between paragraphs.
  14. Read the essay. Talk to your partner about what works and what doesn’t.

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