Homework 3/7

English 10:  Students began finding their topics for their research essay. (Students can begin looking here ). Students should make sure their topic fits in one of the following categories: Science, Math, Medicine, Technology, Engineering.

Tests must be completed or made-up by Thursday, March 8th to receive credit. SAT Outlines need to be completed by Friday, March 9th.

APE: Students began the Short Story bootcamp unit. Students should read “The Most Dangerous Game”Students should be able to discuss the following questions:

  1. Discuss the meanings of the title.
  2. How important is suspense in the story? How is it developed and sustained? What roles do chance and coincidence play in the story?
  3. Discuss the characterizations of Rainsford and General Zaroff. Which one is more fully characterized? Are both characters plausible?
  4. Why does Connell include the “philosophical” discussion between Whitney and Rainsford at the beginning of the story (paragraphs 7-24)? Does it reveal a personal limitation on Rainsford’s part? Does Rainsford undergo any significant changes in the course of the story? Do we come to know him better as the story proceeds?
  5. Compare the discussion between Whitney and Rainsford and the after-dinner conversation between Rainsford and Zaroff (paragraphs 68-145). In these discussions, is Rainsford more like Whitney or Zaroff? How does he differ from Zaroff? Does the end of the story resolve that difference?
  6. As you read the story, do you develop any expectations of how it might be resolved? Are these expectations met or overturned?
  7. As you go through the story a second time, do you find more significance in any of the action or description that you noticed during the first reading?
  8. Would you describe this story as commercial fiction or literary fiction? Support your answer.

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