Homework 1/10

English 10: Students should complete their The Time Machine projects by Monday, January 15th. Students need to make up the quiz over subject-verb agreement by Friday, January 12th.

APE:  Students should complete their literature circle novels by Wednesday, January 17th. Students will informally present on their novel on Tuesday, January 16th.  Their Eyes Were Watching God reductions are due on Wednesday, January 10th. Remember that FRQ revisions will be accepted until the end of the semester.


Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen:

  • Maria E.
  • Mary V.
  • Joe M.
  • Kimbo
  • Ian O.
  • Courtney C.
  • Alivia B.
  • Kelsey M.
  • Hannah O.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

  • Amanda B.
  • Ellie H. (Terrance)
  • Will E.
  • Sarah L.
  • Kaitlyn H.
  • Devyn C.
  • Grant W.
  • Taylor Z.
  • Jordan B.

The Handmaid’s Maid Tale by Margaret Atwood

  • Sydney S.
  • Olivia B.
  • Aleah E.
  • Caitlynn D.
  • Sam L.
  • Jose V.
  • Kayla R.
  • Alex G.
  • Kylie H.

Ceremony – Leslie Marmon Silko

  • Alex N.
  • Mia F.
  • Daniel M.
  • Shane N.
  • Justin H.
  • Yordi C.
  • Grace R.
  • Chloe W.
  • Dalton D.

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