Homework 12/18

All students should be finishing NWEA testing. Students not finished should count on completing their NWEA in achievement hour this week.

English 10: Students should read My Life As a Bat on page 71 in their textbook. When they have finished reading, students should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the theme of the story?
  2. Cite an example of a simile and a metaphor.
  3. Define the bold vocabulary words.

APE:  Students began their multiple choice test over Hamlet. The test must be completed by the end of the class period on Tuesday, December 19th. Students should continue to work on their 2003 FRQ over Hamlet. This FRQ will not be available for revision as it is a test, so please use the rubric to guide your writing. Students have until the beginning of the hour on Tuesday, December 19th to turn in a hard copy of the completed FRQ.  Remember that FRQ revisions will be accepted until the end of the semester.

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