Homework 11/27

English 10: Students finished the movie version of Macbeth.  Macbeth tests need to be made up by Tuesday, November 28th. Zeros will be given to all incomplete tests at 3 pm on Tuesday, November 28th. Students need to make up their SAT pretests as soon as possible.

APE: Students should finish Act II in Hamlet. Students should revise their 2007 prose DBQ essay. Finished essays should be uploaded into their shared Google folder. Revisions are due by 11:59 pm on Monday, November 27th.

Syntax  – the order of words in a sentence. Syntax results in various sentence types used for a variety of rhetorical effects. Syntax can also be thought of as the rhythm of prose. Sentence variety creates interesting, fluent, readable prose.

1. Climax: the main idea or most important point in a sentence. The position of the climax may be varied for effect.

2. Cadence: the rhythm or “music” of a sentence that comes through parallel elements and repetition

3. Narrative pace: the pace or speed of a passage that comes through the following elements: length of words, omission of words or punctuation, length of sentences, number of dependent/subordinate clauses, and repetition of sounds.

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