Homework 11/21

English 10: Students are watching the movie version of Macbeth. Students should watch to 1 hour, 20 minutes. Students should complete the goal sheet in preparation for the next testing session. Macbeth tests need to be made up by Tuesday, November 21st. Students need to make up their SAT pretests as soon as possible (preferably before Thanksgiving break).

APE: Students should read to lines 440 in Act II, scene ii in Hamlet. Students should revise their 2007 prose DBQ essay. Finished essays should be uploaded into their shared Google folder. Revisions are due by 11:59 pm on Monday, November 27th.

Syntax  – the order of words in a sentence. Syntax results in various sentence types used for a variety of rhetorical effects. Syntax can also be thought of as the rhythm of prose. Sentence variety creates interesting, fluent, readable prose.

1. Climax: the main idea or most important point in a sentence. The position of the climax may be varied for effect.

2. Cadence: the rhythm or “music” of a sentence that comes through parallel elements and repetition

3. Narrative pace: the pace or speed of a passage that comes through the following elements: length of words, omission of words or punctuation, length of sentences, number of dependent/subordinate clauses, and repetition of sounds.

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