Research Paper Resources

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Things to Include in Your Notes:

  1. Citation of article being used
    1. Note: Only use one article per page
  2. Summary of the article
    1. 3-5 sentences summarizing the purpose of the article. This is meant to help organize notes for the actual writing of the paper.
  3. Direct quotes
    1. Direct quotes from the article. This includes who said the quote as well. Quotes do not have to be used in paper. This is meant to made returning to the article for evidence easy. Quotes may end up becoming paraphrases.
  4. How does the article answer your research question?
    1. This is meant to help you organize your thoughts. If the article focuses on a specific type of cancer prevention for example, you know that your article offers one solution to the problem you presented, so information will probably be confined to one paragraph. If it is more of an introduction to your topic, you know that you can use information throughout your essay as a whole.

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