Homework 5/2

Honors English 10/English 10: Finish reading “Letter to Birmingham Jail” (329 to page 336). Answer the following questions (some questions may have been completed in class):

There are three different types of reasons that King provides in his letter to justify his
presence in Birmingham.

    • Organizational reasons relate to any associations with organizations or groups of people.
    • Religious or historical reasons relate to religious or historical people, places, things, or events.
    • Moral reasons relate to morality, or what is considered right or wrong.
  1. Choose one type of reason and cite all of the examples from lines 17–43.
  2. In lines 66-101, why might King have taken the time to give the details about steps taken and recent events in Birmingham?
  3. In lines 104-119, write the line numbers of all of the instances of the word “tension.”
  4. In lines 151-179, identify the parallel structure that King uses (what does King repeat?). What effect does this structure have on the text?
  5. In lines 216-237, identify the specific examples King provides of either unjust laws or the unjust application of just laws.
  6. Use text evidence in lines 299–312 to state King’s counterargument to the assertion that the actions of Birmingham’s African American community precipitated violence and must be condemned.
  7. In lines 384-410, how does King shift the idea of being an “extremist” from a negative to a positive?
  8. In lines 446-485, what is one contrast between what King expected from religious leaders and what actually happened?
  9. In lines 558-571, what counterclaim in the clergymen’s letter is King addressing?
  10. Read page 337 and answer the questions in the chart.
  11. Write down the vocabulary words from the letter.

APE: AP Literature test tomorrow. Get plenty of rest, eat a balanced dinner and breakfast. Ms. P will have pens for you in the morning so see her first thing.

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