Homework 3/23

APE: Vocabulary Quiz 7 needs to be made up by Thursday, 3/30. Feminist Analysis papers turned in late will be reduced by 10% each day.  Be thinking of t-shirt ideas! We will be finishing Heart of Darkness by the beginning of Spring Break. Read to page 50 for class on 5/24. Note that question 16 is found on page 44 (not on page 97 as it states on the sheet). Question 17 is found on page 48.

English 10: Act III quizzes that are missed this week will need to be made up by Thursday, March 30th. No exceptions. 

1st hour: Read Act III scene iii-v and take notes to be caught up for class on 3/24. Act II group quizzes turned in late will receive a 10% penalty for each day they are not turned in. Act III quiz will be on Friday, March 24th.

6th hour: Read Act III and complete the take home quiz by class on March 24. Read to line 96 of Act IV scene i to be caught up for class on Friday.  

Honors English 10: Read Act IV, scene i on your own tonight. We will summarize and continue tomorrow.

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