Homework 12/20/2016-1/4/2017

English 10/Honors English 10: Complete the multiple choice review packet. read The Metamorphosis in the hardcover textbook (p. 93-105) and complete the “Analyze the Text” questions on p. 106. Complete the “Analyze the Text” and “Critical Vocabulary” Questions for your test on January 5, 2017:

  • Called Out (p. 56 1-6; p. 57 1-5)
  • When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer (p.60 1-4)
  • Hope for Animals and Their World (p. 68 1-7; p. 69 1-4)
  • My Life as a Bat (p.76 1-7; p. 77 1-4)
  • Carry (p. 82 1-7)

APE: Complete your literature circle tasks. Projects are due January 13, 2017. Read through Chapter X in The Awakening. We will convene as a full group at Sozo’s on January 2nd, 2017 in the late moring/early afternoon. This meeting is optional. Look for an email from Ms. P for more details!

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