Homework 10/5

English 10/Honors English 10: Finish the first draft of your letter to Shirley Jackson or the editor of The New Yorker. Your letter should be at least 10 sentences and organized as follows:

Dear __________,

(Introduce yourself and say why you are writing. This is where you should include a summary of your initial reaction of the story.)

My name is Ms. Pierog and I am a high school English teacher. I read The Lottery and believe it is a poignant and disturbing story, but one that needs to be told. I wanted to commend you for writing such a powerful piece about the nature of humans. 

(In the second paragraph, you should be specific about your stance. This paragraph should mostly be an analysis of specific examples of the story.)

The Lottery shows the true nature of humans. When little Davey is handed a pebble, my thoughts immediately went to…. Davey holding the pebble represents… When Mrs. Hutchinson was covering her face, I felt… because I realized that the people in the village were….. When Mr. Summers said….

(In the third paragraph, you are further explaining your opinion. This would be a good place to expand on your reaction to the story.)

The Lottery is a story that needs to be read in every high school classroom because it is disturbing. This story demonstrates…

APE: Complete pages 15/16 in your packet (Soliloquy #1) for class tomorrow. Remember that your Act I packet needs to be completed by the time we complete Act I of Hamlet. It would be in your best interest to work on your AP Practice Questions tonight as well.

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