Homework 9/30

English 10/Honors English 10: Finish “The Lottery.” Be sure to have the vocabulary from the story in your notes (definition, parts of speech, example sentence).

APE: Reviewed the results of STAR assessment. Make sure you have notes on Elizabethan England.

Homework 9/29

English 10/Honors English 10: Read to page 30 in the Collections textbook (the beginning of “The Lottery”). Copy the four vocabulary words (profusely, perfunctory, petulantly, and defiantly), define them, and write a sentence using them correctly.

APE: Watch this presentation. It would be wise to have notes. Read pages 1-6 in the Hamlet Pre-Reading packet for class on 9/30. Remember that Summer Independent Reading projects are due tomorrow, 9/30. 

Homework 9/27

English 10 & Honors English 10:

Complete the independent and dependent clauses worksheet by Thursday, 9/29.


Complete the annotation and analysis of the poems in the mythology packet by Thursday, 9/29. Remember: Independent Reading projects from the summer are due on Friday, 9/30.

Homework 9/26

Honors English 10 & English 10:

Read page 24 in the Collections textbook. Take notes on clauses and parts of speech (focusing on nouns).

Review information from Texas v. Johnson and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Organize your notes for the test on Wednesday.


Finish the biblical allusions project and submit for grading. Review for the mythology and biblical allusions test.